Monday, August 7, 2006

So tired of being sick!


Well almost a week into it and I am not getting any better! I am so damn sick. I spent about 10 hours at Urgent Care and was then transferred to United Hospital because they thought I needed my appendix taken out last night. They did a CT and made me drink 3 glasses of the nastiest stuff an hour before the CT, but you know whats funny is I had not drank anything for about 12 hours so it was not bad because I was so thirsty lol!

I do not need my appendix taken out, but I do have numerous cysts on my right ovary, and my kidneys. So I have to go back tomorrow to see if any change has been made. As of yesterday none of the cysts were ruptured or bleeding so that is a good thing. But damn do I feel sick!! I have been in bed for the last two days and can't sleep well, but I can't function either trying to get up and do my daily things. I am just miserable and want to feel better!

I had not ate anything for about 24 hours and finally did keep some watermelon down last night. And ate a couple times today and have not gotten sick from it yet so that is a good thing!

I hate taking pain meds and held off on it until this evening I finally took one and it has helped my headache a little bit which is a good thing because my head felt like it was going to burst! Even my eyeball hurt bad ;(

It's funny how me not cleaning or doing anything household related for a couple days can turn my house into a disaster. So even once I am feeling better I will probably clean my ass off for a whole day and then end up back in bed for another.

My man is "bored" WTF? I'm sorry I am sick as hell and cannot entertain you! I would much rather be feeling great and able to occupy him jesus!

Being a mother and wife is a hard job I tell you! Moms are supposed to be superwomen who never have weaknesses. And usually I am and I guess that is partially my own fault because they all expect that of me. Either way tho I am TIRED of being sick, I am TIRED of not feeling like myself, I am TIRED of not having the energy to clean my house, and not being able to hop in my truck and go get what needs to be got at the grocery store, or target or anywhere else that needs to be done!! I want to feel normal again!!

Well I am going to lay down again and end this entry. I wanted to put a pic in here of my daughter and me when she was a baby, because she has been such a sweetheart today!! I love that little girl with every inch of my soul!!

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carolsixpac said...

Oh Im so sorry u went thru so much pain--guys can be real a-holes. They arent used to being a caregive,nurse,maid.......ect ect ect.......sometimes they just dont know what to do. I agree with u, how can a mom ever be bored. Beautiful picture of you and your daughter and oh what a gorgeous dress!!!  ok, playing catch up here.