Thursday, August 17, 2006

So much to do!

In two days we are leaving for a cabin about 3 hours from my house. We usually go quite a few times each summer but this is the first time this year. This one is a little different then the others we usually go to because we have to bring more stuff. So trying to pack for 4 of us and my dog has created quite the list of "do not forgets" lol

Here are a couple pics of our cabin and the beautiful sunset up there!!

    Isn't that sunset great? So I will be gone for a week and I am sure when I come home I will have SO many alerts to catch up on! May as well plan a day dedicated to reading!!

I thought my son and hubby were coming home today but they are not going to come until tomorrow so I have one more quiet day to get things done without the whole crew here!! If I were smart I would go out and do something. But you guys have no idea how nice it is to be at home and not having to worry about my son escaping, or telling him to eat, or changing his diapers, ect. But I do miss him too lol

I found a place today near the cabin that rents jet skis so I am thinking one day we may just have to go do that :) I love being on the water or in the water. I love boating, I love fishing, I love eating fresh fried fish (there is nothing better )!

I remember when I was a little girl my grandma and grandpa used to get cabins every weekend and we would go fishing and sit out at the fire pit and listen to my grandpa's stories or sing. And those are the best memories of my life!

I talked to my grandma today and told her that we were getting a cabin about 25 mins from her house and OMG was she excited. She is going to come spend Monday with us and eat some fried fish. She told me it was my turn to feed her lol

I remember when I was a little girl my grandpa would make us get up very very early and we would go out after it rained and dig for nightcrawlers and now that I am older and life is so hectic it really is things like that, that were priceless!

My childhood was anything near normal or happy, but my grandparents always did what they could to make it more normal and I will never forget that and will be forever grateful to them for teaching me the morals I have in my life!

It is so gloomy here today the sun has not came out one time. But thank god it's cooled off a little and my windows can be open.

I have been evaluating my life lately and wonder why things happen the way they do? I will probably never the answer to any of my questions but I hate not having them! 

Well I am off to change my load in the washer and pretend to do something useful lmao. I hope everyone had a great day!

I will try to write one more entry before I leave on Saturday.



queeniemart said...

my grandma was my hero...she passed away but most of my good memories are from her....i liked hearing about your grandma and grandpa! Enjoy your time away and your fried fish..that sounds delicious.
HUGs, lisa

therealslimemmy said...

i hope you have a nice trip
get all your do not forgets and to dos done :)
<3, emily

carolsixpac said...

ohh good glad u were able to get away and take a break.