Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sick, Crabby, do not feel like going to grocery store!

Well it finally rained for almost a whole day! We needed it so bad. But usually when it rains the humidity drops some and it really didn't this time? Oh well either way it is not 108 degrees anymore it is 88 and it feels great!!

Last night at about 3am I got really sick. Everything hurts, my eyes are burning, I am lightheaded, my stomach is upset and it stinks! I wanna just lay in bed and not get up but that is not an option when you have kids lol.

We need to have dinner and everyone wants my zucchini N beef soup I make but of course I do not have everything I need to make it, so off to Cub I go!

I was going threw pictures of mine over the last week and found this one...... I think most woman have at least one Glamour Shot pic of themselves or something like it. The funny thing tho is that I HATED my hair when they did it because they made it to damn big. I had them give me a rubber band and at least pulled it up to make it a little less big! Who the hell said bigger is always better?? It does not apply in all situations in life lmao

I am going to going to Washington DC for a bunch of doctor appt's for my son in the beginning of Sept. And will have to leave on my daughters 10th birthday to head out there. For one I feel bad but I will at least be able to spend the day with her before leaving.  So because I will be gone we planned her birthday party the last Friday of this month. She wanted to have a sleepover and wanted to go up to our Reservation and get a hotel room at the casino because they have a awesome pool area.

I booked her the biggest room they have the Conference Room that is right there poolside and by the arcade. The room is huge and beautiful! I am sure we will have a blast! But today I got a invitation to my grandma's husbands 90th birthday party the next day (the day we are checking out of hotel). Heres the problem, I live 45 mins from my reservation the opposite direction of my house. And my grandma lives 4 hours the other direction from my house. His party starts at 1 and checkout it not until noon at the hotel.

So now I am torn and stuck! What do I do? I considered seeing if there was anyway to switch my daughters birthday to the following Friday but have a feeling that it is not in advance anymore tobe able to get it. I do not know what to do, I hate it when I have to pick between two very important things. Unfortunately, my daughter will win lol.

For anyone that needs to buy school supplies you might wanna think about this. Last year my daughters list said she needed 2 black felt tip markers, I looked at Target, Office Max, Walgreens, Snyders, Craft store, Walmart and a couple other places about 3 weeks before school started and could not find them anywhere! They were all sold out!! We did not end up getting them til almost 4 weeks after school starts. Out of all things you would think that these stores that have school supply lists in their store for all of the schools in our district that they would stock everything and enough to cover everyone but NOT ONE store did! So this year I got smart and bought the markers a month and a half ago lmao! Who would think you had to buy 2 damn markers months early to make sure they had them?

I have been living my daily life with my rule "Pick your battles" daily!!! I love peace in my home and happiness, who dosn't? But if I did not pick my battles I would never have either!

Well I should close this entry and get to the grocery store so I can feed my family some dinner.


queeniemart said...

My God...are you a model? WOW! You are beautiful and let me tell ya, i LOVE the I am stuck in the 80's and love it big. Gorgeous hair....beautiful face. I have never done Glamour Shots...i keep waiting to get skinny. SIGH.


carolsixpac said...

gorgeous pictures of you. I had always wanted to get that done-now they dont have them here no more. Hard when u have 2 important events but u made the right choice.