Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pictures and more pictures

Hi guys I am feeling much better now! My leg is healing great. It is very very bruised but otherwise doing better. Tomorrow is my daughters sleepover at the hotel I got her and man is she excited. Should be a blast! It's girls only and we are going to eat at the buffet there, and swim, and play lots and lots of games and laugh and stay up late lol.

Sometime last week Lisa put some pics of what was in her bathroom and I am not sure if anyone played along but I figured I would since I love putting pictures in my journal. Please know before you see my bathroom that the wallpaper in there I did not pick out and I have not gotten around to taking it down and repainting in there lmao! I did get my main level bathroom repainted, and my kids bathroom I also took the ugly wallpaper out of and repainted in there. I just haven't gotten around to mine yet. Really it isn't that bad but it is not something I would ever pick to decorate a room lol


You know what is funny about this picture is all the makeup in that bottom part. I do not wear makeup everyday not even once a week lol. But I just have to have it and continue to buy it when I see something I like. I do wear lip gloss or lipstick everyday but that is about it. If you look also you will see no curling iron, gel, hairspray, ect because I do not use any products or anything else in my hair ever. I haven't for years now. The only thing that ever goes into my hair is some sort of scrunchie to pull it up.

This is another thing I cannot stand about my bathroom is the carpet in it. Who puts carpet in the same room as a bathtub and a shower?? That is another thing on my never ending list of To Do's around here that I may never get to before I move out of this house.

The next ones our of my sons room I cleaned it today and it looks so nice I figured there was no better time then now to get a decent pic of it because he trashes it on a daily basis!

I cannot believe summer is almost over! My kids start school next week. I had open houses last night and the night before. We got in and out in record time I think as the years go on they are all the same just a new classroom and teacher. My daughters teacher actually lives 4 houses from us this year so we didn't even need to stay to chat with her for a little while.

My son will not be starting school right away as he needs to be in Washington DC with his doctors, but he will start whenever it is we get home. Well I need to run to the store and support my nasty habit. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great day!


queeniemart said...

You have a GORGEOUS so fancy!! Wow, i love the tub and seperate shower. My house is old as hell. I love seeing your pics too. Love, lisa jo

carolsixpac said...

love the pics and love ur sons bedroom!