Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi everyone. I am so relaxed and well relaxed! Hubby took my son up north 3 days ago. I do miss him but I think after almost 8 years I have earned the right to have a few days without the same routine we live everyday! I have been spending time with my girls and taking lots of me time!

I was making myself some breakfast a little while ago and am not sure how or why I did this.....But I cut my left thumb so bad when I was cutting a package open? I can't remember the last time I did something like that.

You know one thing that I really love about journaling is being able to read other peoples journals. It puts things into perspective for me sort of, to know that it really is not just me who deals with bullshit everyday of their lives!

The thing that makes everyone different tho is how they choose to deal with that bullshit. I always explain it as I am very good at letting shit roll of my back. I do not let the petty things bother me. Well at least I try not to! lol

I read some incredible journals with some incredible women who write them! I recently started leaving comments in a couple but have read them for quite some time. I think that Marina, Jackie, Emily, and Lisa to name a few are all beautiful women with hearts of gold!

In some way or another we all live similar situations everyday. I read these journals and so often can say "OMG that just happened to me too" or something very close may have happened.

Today is my brothers 33rd birthday so me and my girls are going to head up to his house for a BBQ.

When I went to get my eyesbrows waxed yesterday I was chatting with the woman doing it and she was telling me how she waxes practically everything on herself. Armpits, legs, face, ect. I get the waxing. Obviously because I have my brows done every 4 weeks. But I do not get the armpits, ect? I am a native american woman so trust me I am hairy!!! lol. But I am perfectly fine shaving my armpits every couple days in the shower, versus having them waxed every two weeks lol

But this was a younger girl who has no kids and maybe that explains it. Because I know I DO NOT have time to get everything I shave waxed regular. I can think of plenty of other things I would rather do if I did have that extra time!

Well I am going to lay down and take a hour nap and then head to the mall to get my brother some present that he dosnt need lol

I hope everyone has a great day!!



therealslimemmy said...

aw thank you!
i used to get my eyebrows done occasionally too now i just sit with the tweezers. lol
i'm kinda scared to get anything else waxed without an epidural
hope you have a good day
<3, emily

queeniemart said...

Does she wax her privates herself too? Gee, if so, she could make videos of that. LOL
I am SO glad you commented and i have found you. You are awesome,i know that already. I have never in my life been waxed. I had my 17 yr old daughters eyebrows done for her senior pics though....last weekend..she was a bush woman.
Enjoy your time to yourself. i LOVE my ME time.
Yes, we all usually can identify with what goes on with each others lives and BS....God knows i have enough BS going on for us all. LOL   Gotta try to find the humor in it if there is any.
HUGS,lisa jo