Monday, August 14, 2006

Going to play Emily's game.....

I was reading Emily and Gwens journals and they did a "what's in your purse" entry. I will play along with that ;)

I was going to buy the Coach wallet that went with the purse but could not find it anywhere so I found this really cute set at Macy's.......

Now lets see what's inside of it.........

1.Wallet with all the usual, ID's, credit card (I only have one for emergency's because I do not like to use credit cards), insurance card, pictures of my kids and nieces and nephews, birth certificate, Social Security card, ect

2.My little pouch that is supposed to be a coin purse but I never end up using it for that purpose in it there is. Stamps, Key to my safe, Dramamine (my daughter gets bad motion sickness), and a couple tylenol

3.Afterbite (I live in MN and we get crazy mosquito bites lol)

4.Truck keys and house keys

5.Tide to go pen ( you know I don't think it works tho, should throw it away)!

6.2 pens

7.Iced Clear lip gloss

8.Phone bill to remind me to pay it tomorrow

9. A check for a undisclosed amount lol

10.Best Buy reward zone certificates worth $40.00

11.Treasure Island Casino passport club card for comps, ect

12.A coupon from my daughters hair place

13.Australian Gold lotion called Forever After, if anyone has a way to buy a bottle do!!It smells so good! It is a hemp lotion I get it at local tanning salons

14.Lip gloss by Loreal called Sweety

15.Burts Bees Wax lip balm

16. Burts Bees Wax lip shimmer

17.A little bottle of Aveda Blue Oil, you rub it anywhere you have pains, or a headache which is where I use it. I rub it on my temples

18.A couple toothpicks

19.Aold powerball ticket that is going in the garbage right now ol

20. Reciepts from Target and Bed Bath & Beyond

21. Oral B Brush Ups

22. A couple pictures of my kids

23. $765.36 in cash (but most of that will be gone tonight because we are going to a cabin this weekend and I have to send the owner a deposit)

Well thats it not to bad is it? Maybe it is lol I don't know..........



therealslimemmy said...

i liked to see what everyone had in their purse
thanks for playing
you have a cute bag :)

queeniemart said...

Thanks so much for commenting in my are on my alerts and i am so tickled to have a new friend. Your kids and the pic of your sisters shows how gorgeous your family is! I LOVE that is wild and so interesting. I like how you described everything in it too. We sell this Hemp lotion at WM, where i smells soooooooooo good...about $6.
HUGS, lisa jo