Thursday, August 24, 2006

Going to be gone a few days

Just a quick entry to let you all know I am going to be away for a couple days from my journal. I ended up going back into the hospital last night right after midnight because I could not stand it anymore and the mass had almost doubled in size.

Within two hours of being there they had an IV in me and were surgically removing the mass. I now have a huge hole in my thigh and it is packed and wrapped so tight and so much that it is hard to even have pants on. I am very very drugged right now, they put pain meds into my IV 4 times because I could not even tolerate them just touching it let alone doing surgery to remove it. My leg is numb right now and I was told around noon today once it is no longer numb I am going to be hurting pretty bad!

They sent me home with 2 antibiotics (which they started first dose of both thru my IV) and some heavy duty pain meds. They told me to keep it wrapped for 72 hours then change the dressing and I need to go back in that same day. They are testing some of the fluid they drained from the mass to see if it is also a staff infection, and if it is they will put me on a whole different med.

I have to try to sleep now while I am still painfree (well sort of lol). I will be back when I am feeling better. I am pretty muchly bed ridden for the next 72 hours. 



queeniemart said...

Oh i HATE to hear this and will keep you in my thoughts. Keep those meds coming so you arent in pain and take it easy.
HUGS, lisa

therealslimemmy said...

oh i hope this is the end to all of your pain
heal quick
<3, emily

carolsixpac said...

oh good Im so glad they were able to remove it, sorry for all the pain u had to go thru though.