Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Forgot to put a subject! But not feeling to creative so......

I am so sick of feeling like shit! I was feeling pretty good for almost a week now and all the sudden today it all hit me again! I have ANOTHER cyst on my inner thigh and OMG does it hurt! My stomach is hurting again.

I wish I could figure out what the hell is causing them to not just keep coming but to get so bad! The one on my thigh hurts so bad that it makes hard to even walk......SO back to the doctors I go GRR!

If something as simple as stress caused them I would not have a doubt in my mind where they were coming from because trust me my life does not lack stress lol

Other than that today has been pretty uneventful but that is because I am not feeling good at all! I keep going threw in my head how much stuff I have to do in the next two weeks and came to the conclusion I DO NOT have time to be sick again even for a couple days.

I am a little worried about these cysts on my ovaries and kidney and now my leg because I am leaving for Washington DC soon and we are driving and it is going to be a hell of long drive if I am feeling the way I am now. But not going is not an option so I will have to just suck it up.

Hubby actually made mention of him just flying out there with Josh so I could take it easy and try to get better, but in my eyes that is just not an option. I have never missed one single thing in my sons life reguarding his health and surgeries and I sure and the hell do not plan to start now! But it was a very generous offer on his behalf I do give him that!

I have a couple pictures of some of my favorites pieces of art in my house that I am going to put in this journal, it will be easy to see my loves in life ;)

This is my favorite I have it is a Daniel Pierce hand painted numbered piece and if you look really close there is a bunch of wolves in the background of the pic. Maybe you cannot see them with the way I took the pic, but I love it!

This one and the next my hubby got for me as just prints also by Daniel Pierce and I had them both framed last winter this one is called Sovereign Gold and the next one is called Without warning....

This one I got at a pow wow last Aug. I LOVE this picture it is also hand drawn. The artist lives about 45 mins from me. My daughter took the picture to school last year and her school is trying to do a Native American Wall in her school and I ended up buying another copy for her school. The cool thing about it is that it shows the whole world and types and species of animals from each place. Then in the back of the picture there is a teaching guide for kids to use to learn where each and every animal came from.

Well I am think I am done for tonight I need to go lay down and not move lol. I hope everyone had a great day!




queeniemart said...

love the pics you have.....gorgeous! I hate to hear that you are in such pain...i hope you get to the doctor quickly and get better. TAKE CARE, lisa jo

therealslimemmy said...

i really hope that you feel better soon and they figure out why you are having these problems
have a good day
<3, emily
(ps loved the pictures)

carolsixpac said...

Ohhh Im sorry to hear about your cysts-that had to be painful. Love your artwork!