Thursday, August 10, 2006

Annoyed, been annoyed for days lol

You know I woke up this morning and had plans to drop my daughter and niece off at their safety camp then come home for a bit and go to the Farmers Market, and then to some garage sales just to get out of the house.

Well it didn't happen. I was getting ready to leave and when I walked into my garage I couldn't stand it! It has been messy and needed to be vaccuumed in a BAD way! I know this may sound kind of old fashioned, but when you have a man isn't it typically his job to take care of the garage, ect?

Well my man waits and waits and I do not want to nag him about it everyday so I just let it go until I cannot wait anymore and end up doing it on my own. So instead of getting out by myself for a few hours today I spent 4 hours cleaning my garage and my truck.

A few pics of my baby.......

And as far as my garage goes, I can't stand it lol. But it is not my job to make it a great space ;) I am going to add a few pics of it for yall to see! Make sure you notice where my old rugs end up! I live in Minnesota and in the winter they are really nice to have in there lol. Plus I smoke and do not smoke in my house so I go out there. But everytime I am sitting out there smoking I pick out more and more things I do not like about that garage!!! Take notice also to the big ass heater/ac unit that has become a storage place for other shit! We just had to have that and it seemed like a great idea to have air in the summer and heat in the winter! Does it look set to work to you? NOPE!

And look at this pic how many bikes can you fit in one corner? lmao

Then when I was done in my garage, I went upstairs to take a shower because I was so yuck! Well I have 3 razors in my shower and hubby had used ALL of them for himself and dulled the blades, and I have the worst razor burn I think I have ever had in my life on my legs!! GRRRRRRRRRR! The point in shaving is so your legs are smooth and when they are you feel great but no I could'nt even have that today!

I could go on and on but I am to tired to so I will end this entry for now...........


therealslimemmy said...

hey thanks for your link
i loved your truck pictures so clean!
want to come clean mine
i smoke in the garage or the deck too but our old garage looked just like yours :)
i cannot stand sitting out there though if its messy.  but my husband was pretty good about sweeping he smokes too and most of the mess was from him was "his garage" LOL
hope you have a good night
i added you to alerts btw

carolsixpac said...

lol u sound so much like my younger days that is! u go girl!