Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pictures and more pictures

Hi guys I am feeling much better now! My leg is healing great. It is very very bruised but otherwise doing better. Tomorrow is my daughters sleepover at the hotel I got her and man is she excited. Should be a blast! It's girls only and we are going to eat at the buffet there, and swim, and play lots and lots of games and laugh and stay up late lol.

Sometime last week Lisa put some pics of what was in her bathroom and I am not sure if anyone played along but I figured I would since I love putting pictures in my journal. Please know before you see my bathroom that the wallpaper in there I did not pick out and I have not gotten around to taking it down and repainting in there lmao! I did get my main level bathroom repainted, and my kids bathroom I also took the ugly wallpaper out of and repainted in there. I just haven't gotten around to mine yet. Really it isn't that bad but it is not something I would ever pick to decorate a room lol


You know what is funny about this picture is all the makeup in that bottom part. I do not wear makeup everyday not even once a week lol. But I just have to have it and continue to buy it when I see something I like. I do wear lip gloss or lipstick everyday but that is about it. If you look also you will see no curling iron, gel, hairspray, ect because I do not use any products or anything else in my hair ever. I haven't for years now. The only thing that ever goes into my hair is some sort of scrunchie to pull it up.

This is another thing I cannot stand about my bathroom is the carpet in it. Who puts carpet in the same room as a bathtub and a shower?? That is another thing on my never ending list of To Do's around here that I may never get to before I move out of this house.

The next ones our of my sons room I cleaned it today and it looks so nice I figured there was no better time then now to get a decent pic of it because he trashes it on a daily basis!

I cannot believe summer is almost over! My kids start school next week. I had open houses last night and the night before. We got in and out in record time I think as the years go on they are all the same just a new classroom and teacher. My daughters teacher actually lives 4 houses from us this year so we didn't even need to stay to chat with her for a little while.

My son will not be starting school right away as he needs to be in Washington DC with his doctors, but he will start whenever it is we get home. Well I need to run to the store and support my nasty habit. I hope everyone is doing well and had a great day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seven Things

Seven up

Se7en things

King size bed
2. Two night stands
3. A fan
Cordless phone charger
6. 2 lamps
A cute little table I painted


My kids

2. Music (love it!It's like meditation to me)
3. My computers
5. Benihana's shrimp (with orange sauce)
6. Some sort of beverage



Watch all of my kids succeed in life and be happy.
2. Become a grandmother
4. Get married in Hawaii
Own a RV to travel
Quit smoking
Make sure that my son without me here will always be taken care of and ok in all aspects of life!!


Do You:
1. Believe in God?
Of course!

2. Ever have dreams that come true? Yep
3. Read the newspaper? Yes
4. Pray? Yes
5. Have a job? Stay at home mom
6. Attend church?
I used to and should again
7. Wish on shooting stars?
I have

Have you ever:

1. Gone skinny dipping?
Yes and love it lol
2. Had surgery?
3. Swam in the dark? Yes
4. Been to a Bonfire? Yes
5. Ran away from home? Yes when I was very young
6. Played strip poker?
7. Pulled an all nighter? Yes


Have you..
1. Cried?
2. Sang? Yes
3. Been kissed?
4. Felt stupid? Hmmmm hard one to answer
5. Talked to an ex?
6. Missed someone? Yes
7. Hugged someone? Yes

I got this from The Telling of Me

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Going to be gone a few days

Just a quick entry to let you all know I am going to be away for a couple days from my journal. I ended up going back into the hospital last night right after midnight because I could not stand it anymore and the mass had almost doubled in size.

Within two hours of being there they had an IV in me and were surgically removing the mass. I now have a huge hole in my thigh and it is packed and wrapped so tight and so much that it is hard to even have pants on. I am very very drugged right now, they put pain meds into my IV 4 times because I could not even tolerate them just touching it let alone doing surgery to remove it. My leg is numb right now and I was told around noon today once it is no longer numb I am going to be hurting pretty bad!

They sent me home with 2 antibiotics (which they started first dose of both thru my IV) and some heavy duty pain meds. They told me to keep it wrapped for 72 hours then change the dressing and I need to go back in that same day. They are testing some of the fluid they drained from the mass to see if it is also a staff infection, and if it is they will put me on a whole different med.

I have to try to sleep now while I am still painfree (well sort of lol). I will be back when I am feeling better. I am pretty muchly bed ridden for the next 72 hours. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Still so sick of being in pain!

I can't even walk now. I tried a couple times today and ended up shaking so bad from the pain that I could barely deal with it! My tolerance for pain is extremely high and OMG this is killing me! The cyst is about the size of a deck of cards and my whole inner thigh is black and blue.

Not fun I tell ya! I have found one position that is bearable and that is the position I have assumed most of the day lol. The doctors will recheck it again tomorrow to see if there is any change. I am not sure if lancing it is even an option they may have to surgically remove it. At this point I honestly do not care what they have to do as long as they make it go away!!

So with all that said let me tell you what just happened 30 mins ago. My 17 year old was getting ready for work this morning and she got a call from this 18 year old girl she went to school last year. They have not talked the whole summer. My daughter has been working her ass off and doing great, doing what she should be doing and staying out of trouble.

So this girl calls her today and tells her she heard she was talking garbage about her and she was going to come to our house to beat her up today (I THINK NOT!). So she hung up and came and told us about it and her dad took her to work. We didn't hear anything more all day until tonight my hubby went to pick her up from work at 10:30 and my daughter called 2 minutes after he left and said that there were 7 kids outside in her work parking lot waiting for her! One being this girl who called earlier.

I got in my car and went up there to meet them and by the time I got there (I later found out they had already been in  fight) I saw all these kids 3 boys and 4 girls standing at there car. I got out and not so nicely approached the 18 year old who said she was coming to my house earlier and told her she better stay away from daughter!

The police ended up coming and they obviously let my daughter and us go after hearing what had happened. But the part that pisses me off the most is the fact that I KNOW for a fact my daughter has had nothing to do with these girls all summer and she has been trying so hard to stay on the right track and do her thing. I will not allow some stupid rumors ruin that for her!

I am very proud of her and the way she handled herself. She even called her manager when we got home to make sure they knew exactly what had happened. And also apoligized to them for the altercation (sp?) happening there. But they understood she did not start it that this other girl did.

So now I am really really hurting and back on my chair with a heating pad. But I think that all mothers would agree when it comes to your kids and their safety there is nothing you will not do. My kids are everything to me and I would stop at no lengths to protect them and be there for them!

Well I am going to lay down hope everyone else had a better day than I!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Forgot to put a subject! But not feeling to creative so......

I am so sick of feeling like shit! I was feeling pretty good for almost a week now and all the sudden today it all hit me again! I have ANOTHER cyst on my inner thigh and OMG does it hurt! My stomach is hurting again.

I wish I could figure out what the hell is causing them to not just keep coming but to get so bad! The one on my thigh hurts so bad that it makes hard to even walk......SO back to the doctors I go GRR!

If something as simple as stress caused them I would not have a doubt in my mind where they were coming from because trust me my life does not lack stress lol

Other than that today has been pretty uneventful but that is because I am not feeling good at all! I keep going threw in my head how much stuff I have to do in the next two weeks and came to the conclusion I DO NOT have time to be sick again even for a couple days.

I am a little worried about these cysts on my ovaries and kidney and now my leg because I am leaving for Washington DC soon and we are driving and it is going to be a hell of long drive if I am feeling the way I am now. But not going is not an option so I will have to just suck it up.

Hubby actually made mention of him just flying out there with Josh so I could take it easy and try to get better, but in my eyes that is just not an option. I have never missed one single thing in my sons life reguarding his health and surgeries and I sure and the hell do not plan to start now! But it was a very generous offer on his behalf I do give him that!

I have a couple pictures of some of my favorites pieces of art in my house that I am going to put in this journal, it will be easy to see my loves in life ;)

This is my favorite I have it is a Daniel Pierce hand painted numbered piece and if you look really close there is a bunch of wolves in the background of the pic. Maybe you cannot see them with the way I took the pic, but I love it!

This one and the next my hubby got for me as just prints also by Daniel Pierce and I had them both framed last winter this one is called Sovereign Gold and the next one is called Without warning....

This one I got at a pow wow last Aug. I LOVE this picture it is also hand drawn. The artist lives about 45 mins from me. My daughter took the picture to school last year and her school is trying to do a Native American Wall in her school and I ended up buying another copy for her school. The cool thing about it is that it shows the whole world and types and species of animals from each place. Then in the back of the picture there is a teaching guide for kids to use to learn where each and every animal came from.

Well I am think I am done for tonight I need to go lay down and not move lol. I hope everyone had a great day!



trying something new

Here is another terrible looking pic, but it is of my sisters Pomeranian Bentley and he is so damn cute! They took a little video clip of him so I wanted to see if I could get it to work on here ;)¤t=momnkate005.flv

Monday, August 21, 2006


Here is what happens when kids take pictures threw the window and all lol. But the worst part is I have told you guys I smoke but OMG look at it all in there! Now granted I had just got into the truck and the window wasn't down all the way yet, that is still rude! lol It is SO hard to quit smoking but it really is the nastiest habit!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nothing important ;)

""Around us, life bursts forth with miracles - a glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops. If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere. Each human being is a multiplicity of miracles. Eyes that see thousands of colours, shapes and forms; ears that hear a bee flying or a thunderclap; a brain that ponders a speck of dust as easily as the entire cosmos; a heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings. When we are tired and feel discouraged by life's daily struggles, we may not notice these miracles, but they are always there..'''

Hi everyone I have nothing real special to write about today. Do you ever feel like you go to sleep to wake up and do the same thing? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining I have my kids and I love them with every inch of my heart and soul. But as far as certain things in my life go I feel like it's a constant repeat of the day before. I think most people would agree with me that the same ole same ole would tire or bore anyone!


I do not want to make this a total downer entry so I am not even going to go into specifics. I just went to bed last night wondering if the cycle will ever break? Also woke up this morning still wondering the same thing. Certain actions in a day can give you a little hope that something might give but it ALWAYS goes back to the same shit that I can no longer be a part of and live in my daily life.


Ok now that I probably completely confused you guys I will stop venting about it lol!

My 9 yr. old is grounded today and she is convinced she is dying lmao!  I told her that if she is that miserable then she better start remembering to do the very little that is asked of her. One thing I try to get my kids to get in the habit of doing everyday iswhen you take one thing out put the first one away. By the end of the day we do need half of your bedroom strung across the top two levels of the house! There is just no reason for it. But she (it is not just her tho it is all my kids and big kids lol) is the worst about it!


It's funny because when she cleans her room she is awesome usually at doing that. But as far as leaving little stuff everywhere she just don't pay attention. Well yesterday she left like 5 things in my truck since the day before. I even gave her a little extra time to see if she would remember on her own. She even had to step over it to get into truck?? But she didn't so now she is grounded.


It is so beautiful outside today! Makes me wonder if was wrong about the weather at that cabin but I suppose it could be crappy up there since it is 3 hours away. I will have to look and see because if the weather is like it is here near Minneapolis it is perfect weather to be on a lake and fishing and swimming.


You know one thing I can't stand about swimming in a lake is leeches. I have not had one on me in years and years but when I was a kid with my grandparents my cousins and I used to get them all the time. They are nasty little things!


You know a funny story tho that my brother and I were just talking about a couple days ago. When we spent time at my grandparents house (which was often, my mom would send us there for our safety and because she worked two jobs). My brother and I used to go outside with old metal lunch boxes and collect june bugs. And we would get a lunch box full of them and let them crawl on our shirts and everything????? I cannot stand june bugs now! What the hell were we thinking? lmao


Wellhave a great afternoon yall I am going to go sort polly pockets lol

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well we decided not to go to the cabin. I checked the weather and it is supposed to rain 5 out of the 7 days we were going to be there. From past experience being at a cabin while it rains 80% of the time is just not fun lol.

My son got home last night and was really really ready to be home in his safe element. So I can only imagine how upset he would have been if we went to a small cabin the next day and then had to stay inside most of the time. NOT FUN!

So then yesterday I decided to make a list of things I need to do before I leave to take my son to Washington DC and realized it might be a sign that I didn't go to the cabin. Because man do I have alot to get done in the next 2 and half weeks!

Hubby brought me home a whole bunch of fish SO at least I got that ;) I have been craving some fried fish all summer!

Well I emptied that damn pool for the last time this summer! I am cleaning it and selling it in my garage sale. I do not want a riseable pool ever again. I will get another pool but it is not going to be that one lol

I cannot believe that school is starting in 2 weeks again, this summer flew by! Now starts birthdays, holidays, and all kinds of back to back stuff until New Years. I have at least 3 birthdays each month until Christmas between my kids and family.

Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Hugs ;)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So much to do!

In two days we are leaving for a cabin about 3 hours from my house. We usually go quite a few times each summer but this is the first time this year. This one is a little different then the others we usually go to because we have to bring more stuff. So trying to pack for 4 of us and my dog has created quite the list of "do not forgets" lol

Here are a couple pics of our cabin and the beautiful sunset up there!!

    Isn't that sunset great? So I will be gone for a week and I am sure when I come home I will have SO many alerts to catch up on! May as well plan a day dedicated to reading!!

I thought my son and hubby were coming home today but they are not going to come until tomorrow so I have one more quiet day to get things done without the whole crew here!! If I were smart I would go out and do something. But you guys have no idea how nice it is to be at home and not having to worry about my son escaping, or telling him to eat, or changing his diapers, ect. But I do miss him too lol

I found a place today near the cabin that rents jet skis so I am thinking one day we may just have to go do that :) I love being on the water or in the water. I love boating, I love fishing, I love eating fresh fried fish (there is nothing better )!

I remember when I was a little girl my grandma and grandpa used to get cabins every weekend and we would go fishing and sit out at the fire pit and listen to my grandpa's stories or sing. And those are the best memories of my life!

I talked to my grandma today and told her that we were getting a cabin about 25 mins from her house and OMG was she excited. She is going to come spend Monday with us and eat some fried fish. She told me it was my turn to feed her lol

I remember when I was a little girl my grandpa would make us get up very very early and we would go out after it rained and dig for nightcrawlers and now that I am older and life is so hectic it really is things like that, that were priceless!

My childhood was anything near normal or happy, but my grandparents always did what they could to make it more normal and I will never forget that and will be forever grateful to them for teaching me the morals I have in my life!

It is so gloomy here today the sun has not came out one time. But thank god it's cooled off a little and my windows can be open.

I have been evaluating my life lately and wonder why things happen the way they do? I will probably never the answer to any of my questions but I hate not having them! 

Well I am off to change my load in the washer and pretend to do something useful lmao. I hope everyone had a great day!

I will try to write one more entry before I leave on Saturday.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi everyone. I am so relaxed and well relaxed! Hubby took my son up north 3 days ago. I do miss him but I think after almost 8 years I have earned the right to have a few days without the same routine we live everyday! I have been spending time with my girls and taking lots of me time!

I was making myself some breakfast a little while ago and am not sure how or why I did this.....But I cut my left thumb so bad when I was cutting a package open? I can't remember the last time I did something like that.

You know one thing that I really love about journaling is being able to read other peoples journals. It puts things into perspective for me sort of, to know that it really is not just me who deals with bullshit everyday of their lives!

The thing that makes everyone different tho is how they choose to deal with that bullshit. I always explain it as I am very good at letting shit roll of my back. I do not let the petty things bother me. Well at least I try not to! lol

I read some incredible journals with some incredible women who write them! I recently started leaving comments in a couple but have read them for quite some time. I think that Marina, Jackie, Emily, and Lisa to name a few are all beautiful women with hearts of gold!

In some way or another we all live similar situations everyday. I read these journals and so often can say "OMG that just happened to me too" or something very close may have happened.

Today is my brothers 33rd birthday so me and my girls are going to head up to his house for a BBQ.

When I went to get my eyesbrows waxed yesterday I was chatting with the woman doing it and she was telling me how she waxes practically everything on herself. Armpits, legs, face, ect. I get the waxing. Obviously because I have my brows done every 4 weeks. But I do not get the armpits, ect? I am a native american woman so trust me I am hairy!!! lol. But I am perfectly fine shaving my armpits every couple days in the shower, versus having them waxed every two weeks lol

But this was a younger girl who has no kids and maybe that explains it. Because I know I DO NOT have time to get everything I shave waxed regular. I can think of plenty of other things I would rather do if I did have that extra time!

Well I am going to lay down and take a hour nap and then head to the mall to get my brother some present that he dosnt need lol

I hope everyone has a great day!!


Monday, August 14, 2006

Going to play Emily's game.....

I was reading Emily and Gwens journals and they did a "what's in your purse" entry. I will play along with that ;)

I was going to buy the Coach wallet that went with the purse but could not find it anywhere so I found this really cute set at Macy's.......

Now lets see what's inside of it.........

1.Wallet with all the usual, ID's, credit card (I only have one for emergency's because I do not like to use credit cards), insurance card, pictures of my kids and nieces and nephews, birth certificate, Social Security card, ect

2.My little pouch that is supposed to be a coin purse but I never end up using it for that purpose in it there is. Stamps, Key to my safe, Dramamine (my daughter gets bad motion sickness), and a couple tylenol

3.Afterbite (I live in MN and we get crazy mosquito bites lol)

4.Truck keys and house keys

5.Tide to go pen ( you know I don't think it works tho, should throw it away)!

6.2 pens

7.Iced Clear lip gloss

8.Phone bill to remind me to pay it tomorrow

9. A check for a undisclosed amount lol

10.Best Buy reward zone certificates worth $40.00

11.Treasure Island Casino passport club card for comps, ect

12.A coupon from my daughters hair place

13.Australian Gold lotion called Forever After, if anyone has a way to buy a bottle do!!It smells so good! It is a hemp lotion I get it at local tanning salons

14.Lip gloss by Loreal called Sweety

15.Burts Bees Wax lip balm

16. Burts Bees Wax lip shimmer

17.A little bottle of Aveda Blue Oil, you rub it anywhere you have pains, or a headache which is where I use it. I rub it on my temples

18.A couple toothpicks

19.Aold powerball ticket that is going in the garbage right now ol

20. Reciepts from Target and Bed Bath & Beyond

21. Oral B Brush Ups

22. A couple pictures of my kids

23. $765.36 in cash (but most of that will be gone tonight because we are going to a cabin this weekend and I have to send the owner a deposit)

Well thats it not to bad is it? Maybe it is lol I don't know..........


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Annoyed, been annoyed for days lol

You know I woke up this morning and had plans to drop my daughter and niece off at their safety camp then come home for a bit and go to the Farmers Market, and then to some garage sales just to get out of the house.

Well it didn't happen. I was getting ready to leave and when I walked into my garage I couldn't stand it! It has been messy and needed to be vaccuumed in a BAD way! I know this may sound kind of old fashioned, but when you have a man isn't it typically his job to take care of the garage, ect?

Well my man waits and waits and I do not want to nag him about it everyday so I just let it go until I cannot wait anymore and end up doing it on my own. So instead of getting out by myself for a few hours today I spent 4 hours cleaning my garage and my truck.

A few pics of my baby.......

And as far as my garage goes, I can't stand it lol. But it is not my job to make it a great space ;) I am going to add a few pics of it for yall to see! Make sure you notice where my old rugs end up! I live in Minnesota and in the winter they are really nice to have in there lol. Plus I smoke and do not smoke in my house so I go out there. But everytime I am sitting out there smoking I pick out more and more things I do not like about that garage!!! Take notice also to the big ass heater/ac unit that has become a storage place for other shit! We just had to have that and it seemed like a great idea to have air in the summer and heat in the winter! Does it look set to work to you? NOPE!

And look at this pic how many bikes can you fit in one corner? lmao

Then when I was done in my garage, I went upstairs to take a shower because I was so yuck! Well I have 3 razors in my shower and hubby had used ALL of them for himself and dulled the blades, and I have the worst razor burn I think I have ever had in my life on my legs!! GRRRRRRRRRR! The point in shaving is so your legs are smooth and when they are you feel great but no I could'nt even have that today!

I could go on and on but I am to tired to so I will end this entry for now...........

Monday, August 7, 2006

So tired of being sick!


Well almost a week into it and I am not getting any better! I am so damn sick. I spent about 10 hours at Urgent Care and was then transferred to United Hospital because they thought I needed my appendix taken out last night. They did a CT and made me drink 3 glasses of the nastiest stuff an hour before the CT, but you know whats funny is I had not drank anything for about 12 hours so it was not bad because I was so thirsty lol!

I do not need my appendix taken out, but I do have numerous cysts on my right ovary, and my kidneys. So I have to go back tomorrow to see if any change has been made. As of yesterday none of the cysts were ruptured or bleeding so that is a good thing. But damn do I feel sick!! I have been in bed for the last two days and can't sleep well, but I can't function either trying to get up and do my daily things. I am just miserable and want to feel better!

I had not ate anything for about 24 hours and finally did keep some watermelon down last night. And ate a couple times today and have not gotten sick from it yet so that is a good thing!

I hate taking pain meds and held off on it until this evening I finally took one and it has helped my headache a little bit which is a good thing because my head felt like it was going to burst! Even my eyeball hurt bad ;(

It's funny how me not cleaning or doing anything household related for a couple days can turn my house into a disaster. So even once I am feeling better I will probably clean my ass off for a whole day and then end up back in bed for another.

My man is "bored" WTF? I'm sorry I am sick as hell and cannot entertain you! I would much rather be feeling great and able to occupy him jesus!

Being a mother and wife is a hard job I tell you! Moms are supposed to be superwomen who never have weaknesses. And usually I am and I guess that is partially my own fault because they all expect that of me. Either way tho I am TIRED of being sick, I am TIRED of not feeling like myself, I am TIRED of not having the energy to clean my house, and not being able to hop in my truck and go get what needs to be got at the grocery store, or target or anywhere else that needs to be done!! I want to feel normal again!!

Well I am going to lay down again and end this entry. I wanted to put a pic in here of my daughter and me when she was a baby, because she has been such a sweetheart today!! I love that little girl with every inch of my soul!!

Saturday, August 5, 2006


I am still sick but cannot sleep. I was sitting here listening to music and started thinking about my son Anthony. I think I did a entry about him awhile back. He would have been 13 this year and you know that even if you move on from a loss of a child you never ever forget!!

I picture what he would look like if he were here today with me and I imagine all the fun things him and I would do together! The song "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey makes me think of him and it was just on my XM channel I listen to all the time!

I made an entry about making him his flowers that I put at his grave this spring but never put a picture when I got home from visiting him so I figured there was no better time then now!

The headstone behind his is my grandpa's. I am going to end this entry for now by just simply saying to my son........

I love you baby boy!! And you are always in my heart!!

I scanned a pic of me and my son. DO NOT mind the jeans lol. I was 18 years old and went into premature labor 4 months early so I wasn't dressed to have a baby! I spent 30+ hours in labor and he was transferred immediately to Childrens Hospital and I of course went with him. I was awake for about 75 hours with NO sleep and delivering him for 36 hours!! Man was I numb and wiped out when I left the hospital without him!

And I was so pale! My body was so tired! My heart hurt so bad!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sick, Crabby, do not feel like going to grocery store!

Well it finally rained for almost a whole day! We needed it so bad. But usually when it rains the humidity drops some and it really didn't this time? Oh well either way it is not 108 degrees anymore it is 88 and it feels great!!

Last night at about 3am I got really sick. Everything hurts, my eyes are burning, I am lightheaded, my stomach is upset and it stinks! I wanna just lay in bed and not get up but that is not an option when you have kids lol.

We need to have dinner and everyone wants my zucchini N beef soup I make but of course I do not have everything I need to make it, so off to Cub I go!

I was going threw pictures of mine over the last week and found this one...... I think most woman have at least one Glamour Shot pic of themselves or something like it. The funny thing tho is that I HATED my hair when they did it because they made it to damn big. I had them give me a rubber band and at least pulled it up to make it a little less big! Who the hell said bigger is always better?? It does not apply in all situations in life lmao

I am going to going to Washington DC for a bunch of doctor appt's for my son in the beginning of Sept. And will have to leave on my daughters 10th birthday to head out there. For one I feel bad but I will at least be able to spend the day with her before leaving.  So because I will be gone we planned her birthday party the last Friday of this month. She wanted to have a sleepover and wanted to go up to our Reservation and get a hotel room at the casino because they have a awesome pool area.

I booked her the biggest room they have the Conference Room that is right there poolside and by the arcade. The room is huge and beautiful! I am sure we will have a blast! But today I got a invitation to my grandma's husbands 90th birthday party the next day (the day we are checking out of hotel). Heres the problem, I live 45 mins from my reservation the opposite direction of my house. And my grandma lives 4 hours the other direction from my house. His party starts at 1 and checkout it not until noon at the hotel.

So now I am torn and stuck! What do I do? I considered seeing if there was anyway to switch my daughters birthday to the following Friday but have a feeling that it is not in advance anymore tobe able to get it. I do not know what to do, I hate it when I have to pick between two very important things. Unfortunately, my daughter will win lol.

For anyone that needs to buy school supplies you might wanna think about this. Last year my daughters list said she needed 2 black felt tip markers, I looked at Target, Office Max, Walgreens, Snyders, Craft store, Walmart and a couple other places about 3 weeks before school started and could not find them anywhere! They were all sold out!! We did not end up getting them til almost 4 weeks after school starts. Out of all things you would think that these stores that have school supply lists in their store for all of the schools in our district that they would stock everything and enough to cover everyone but NOT ONE store did! So this year I got smart and bought the markers a month and a half ago lmao! Who would think you had to buy 2 damn markers months early to make sure they had them?

I have been living my daily life with my rule "Pick your battles" daily!!! I love peace in my home and happiness, who dosn't? But if I did not pick my battles I would never have either!

Well I should close this entry and get to the grocery store so I can feed my family some dinner.