Monday, July 10, 2006


It has been a very busy week! Yesterday we went to my Pow Wow and man was it hot! I did get to eat some yummy indian tacos tho. We ended up only staying for a couple hours because Josh really does not do well in large groups of people. He gets overly stimulated and flips out. So needless to say he was flipping out! Once we got back into our truck tho of course he was all smiles and laugh! ;)

When we left the Pow Wow we went to a town close by and went to the American Legion on the river let the kids run around and we sat on the deck and had a beer. For some reason on really hot day a ice cold beer tastes so good to me.

Right around the time it was getting dark we went to the Drive In and watched Pirates of the Carribean, and Cars. They were both good movies. When we were getting ready to leave our truck started smelling like a skunk. The kids came running in the back of the truck we quickly packed up and left lol

My dog got sprayed by one last summer up north and he had to sleep in the work garage up there for 3 days because he stunk so bad!! Oh and then can't  forget the time that I was out on my deck last summer also. I was sitting at the table and playing on my laptop and looked over and said to hubby "hunny look at that cat standing on our deck" to which he replied " That ain't no cat! It's a skunk!". Oh and can't forget the time last fall that one sprayed in my garage and it stunk SO bad for days. Needless to say I really do not like skunks one bit!

You know what else I really do not understand is those blue pools you buy all over the place now with the riseable walls as the pool fills. I bought my 3rd one about a month ago, it is the 10 ft one. I always put it on my back deck which is level and clear. There are trees surrounding my deck. I always put the cover on it when it is not being used, and we also always run the filter system when told to. BUT for some reason every couple weeks the bottom turns green and I cannot figure out why. It is not a huge pool but it is big enough to be really time consuming to have to empty and clean and refill. I wish I knew why the hell it always turned green like that?? Or if there is anything else I can do to help prevent it from happening.

I am in the process of setting the last dates for taking my son again out to Washington DC for LOTS of appointments and to schedule his 4th Cranial Vault. I will be heading there the first week of Sept.

My house has been a revolving door since school got out. Seems we have at least 2 extra kids here everyday! For example my niece has been here for about a week and a half, and she is leaving today but my daughter has another friend coming over an hour after she leaves. I get tired and I get tired of cleaning ALL the time so my house can look the way I want and need it to look, because I trully cannot stand it when my house is a mess and dosnt smell clean! But it's all good they are having fun ;)

Well I need to run and meet my sister in law. Take care and I will add another entry sooner than later!

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ashleekr said...

I can't stand it when my house isn't just the way I like it, and most of the time I am home, I always have scented candles burning.