Thursday, July 13, 2006

 Hi just another rambling entry about nothing specific.  It is SO hot here and so dry! The best place to be is in the water or in the house lol. Today I have opted for the house. My 17 yr old took my 9 yr old to a cool water park called Cascade Bay so they have been out of my hair this afternoon! Ahhhhhh the silence ;)

I have got up off and on all day today and did something that needs to be done but I am seriously lacking motivation today! I would be perfectly content sitting on my chaise and catching up on TIVO.

I have quite a few shows that I Tivo and they pile up and pile up and it seems I can never catch up watching them all. But all my favorite shows are done for the season. Soprano's, American Idol, Las Vegas. Those are my top 3.

I really want to go fishing, I am thinking I may try to plan to head up North this weekend to my cousins and use his boat. I love fried fish!! Sunfish! Last summer I caught the biggest damn turtle I have ever seen, and actually got him reeled in. My cousin made turtle soup (which I did not have the stomache to try!). But heard it was very very good. I don't know about that! Lol

Up at my reservation I can get free buffalo meat different cuts, and that is yummy! Burgers, steaks, roasts, all of it!  We even use it in spaghetti sometimes. My kids love it too.

I think I said awhile back that I started playing City Of Villains with my hubby, and the game is pure enjoyment and relaxation to me. I plan to keep playing it but honestly it is almost more reality than fantasy to my hubby. I do not like to harp on him or nag him because I enjoy playing too, but it encaptures his real life and real life seems to not matter as much when he is playing that game! It is hard because I trully love to play, and I trully enjoy some of the friends I have made playing. But I resent it also because myself and my kids seem to have to be put on hold whenever he is playing the damn game!!! Without going to much into detail I will just say that if he has a shitty hour playing COV and dies a bunch, or fails a mission then my kids and I get his attitude as a result. If I am taking my kids swimming and he has just died on the game he will not want to go with, and those are just a couple examples it happens in almost all aspects of life. So what do I do? Why should I have to quitsomething that does not take presidence over my real life? Yet if I keep playing and my kids or myself get pissed at him for playing does that not make my hypocritical?(SP?)

Well enough of that just needed to vent a bit. I am off to make pork chops for dinner ;)

Have a great weekend!

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carolsixpac said...

ohh I am so glad you and hubby got back together. May God bless you and your family.