Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hi guys been awhile again. I just never seem to catch up ever and my journal is always a week behind too lol. I always have so much stuff I would love to write about, but then when it comes down to it I just don't seem to get it done.

I cleaned my Office yesterday and was sitting down taking a break and was looking in my closet and realized something. You buy computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, ect. When outdated you replace it or at least I do. So my question is how long do you keep the stuff for that you replace? When is enough enough? I took some pictures to show you what I am talking about ;)

OK do you see that? FIVE old keyboards, why the hell do we need them still? I seem to remember replacing each one for some purpose lol. Hubby is a packrat and wants to keep everything. Guess what I am getting rid of them!! K next.....

Ok now here I TWO of the same scanner! WHY? lol and a old printer. I actually have another printer too but it is in my basement. I went out awhile back and got a really nice all in one printer/scanner/copier/faxer. So really we do not need to let these take up space in the closet either right? Wrong says hubby. They are going too! lol.......

I also have two monitors which I forgot to take pics of sitting in there, and they are both the bigger older ones. So why can I not get rid of them too?  Well end result was worth it puter room is all clean lol (except my start of a great collection of old computer shit).

These boxes are so nice I bought them at Michaels and labeled em. They work great for little things you need stored. I got them quite awhile back and so far my kids have not destroyed them lol

Ok, one more. I hate keeping clutter like old papers, ect so I have always only had this one file cabinet. Well yesterday when cleaning in there I had to put some manuals away and a few other things and it would not fit in there no matter how hardI tried. So I guess it is time to go get a new file cabinet!

We have been melting in MN!  So hot, so humid! A friend of mine suggested using chemicals in my pool on my deck. Well I tried it and it worked great for a week. I was gone overnight two nights ago and asked hubby to add chlorine to it that evening I was gone. Came home the next day and looked in it and the pool was nasty green again. "Hun, did you add the chloring to the pool last night?"......"Aw, shit no I forgot."....... Needless to say the pool is draining AGAIN and I have to go out and clean it and refill it! I am not sure if not adding the chlorine really did it, because it was a little cloudy to start with but not like it was after not adding the right stuff like it was supposed to be!

 Well I am off to have some lunch. Hope everyone is doing well!



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carolsixpac said...

U did a great job of  organizing. I kept my working stuff (printer,ect) and then when the time came someone could really use one, that really needed it, I gave it away.