Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where does the time go?


Wow it feels like it's been forever since I have wrote a actual journal entry. Summer is here and man has it been busy! I thought summer "break" meant it was time to slow down and relax? I was wrong, with my kids and thier friends, and thier cousins it has gotten more hectic than anything! lol

We just got home from Shinders 3 of my crew had different cards they wanted to sell to get new ones. I gave them a limit but somehow still seemed to spend $140.00 on them! Way to go mom! lol


I found out this year that my inground sprinkler had a huge break in the line. The service that supposedly came last fall to turn it off didn't turn it off. So over winter it froze and cracked. I NEVER knew how much I appreciated that thing until now when it has been SO hot and dry!

I meen we have had hardly any rain at all. Yellow is the color of most yards around here. But in a half attempt to keep it somewhat green I have spent so much time outside changing the sprinklers around to get my whole yard. It is a pain in my ass I tell you!

I would love to just sit out on my deck and do nothing but have a drink lol!





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