Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well I think my days may be getting a little less hectic (knocking on wood!). I spent all day today outside trimming trees, cleaning deck, ect. The stuff that I trully and honestly do not like to do which is why it is July and I am just doing it lol!

Yesterday I took my kids to the zoo we had a good time. I got some really cute pictures I will put at the end of the entry.

I have decided that even tho I cannot change my feelings about my sister being pregnant, I can choose to not try to change her mind, or get to involved with it! I love her with all my heart and soul but I cannot take care of her forever. I have done all I can do and I need to step back and worry about myself and my kids. I cannot change what happens at my mothers house and I am done trying too.

I am going to send this entry and switch pc's to add pics from zoo to entry..........

If you look close at this last pic you will see a baby in between the two bigger ones, he was SO cute!!






stansgirl2004 said...

Great pics looks like a fun day and you are right you can't take care of her forever
Hugs, Marina

carolsixpac said...

ohh you and your family have been thru so much, I am so glad u got to get away. beautiful pictures.