Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Update on my broken heart

As of today we are still seperated, but plan on working towards getting back together. We are miserable apart, yet making each other miserable being together if that makes any sense.

I love him so much and cannot imagine not loving him for the rest of our lives. But everything in life takes work.

He came home two days ago and spent the night because he is staying 4 hours away up North at his best friends house. And they had to come down Sunday night.

We talked, and spent some good quality time together. But when the morning came the next day it was hard as hell to let him leave again. Nor did he want to go.

But we talked about it and decided it would be best to find the answers we need to find before he moves back home. Find the answers we need to make it better before letting our hearts get the best of us.

So right now I am doing ok. I have some pretty serious medical issues going on right now and have been so busy with appt's and trying to get thru each day that I have not had much time to lay in bed and cry even if I wanted too! But that is a good thing because I need to keep moving.

I have faith in what we share, I have faith in our love, and I have faith in him that changes can and will be made. It is just going to compromise and time!


ashleekr said...

OMG, this is SO where I am at right now.  Like I told you, we met for a "date" Sunday night, and I cried the whole way home knowing I wasn't going to go home and get in bed with him.  Damn love is a pain in the ass sometimes ;)

carolsixpac said...

ohhh Im so glad you got back to talking!!!!