Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Random photo entry

I have been trying to get my pictures organized on my computer and have came across some that I really like so I figured I would put them in my journal for all to see lol

This one is of my daughters a couple years ago they just look so cute!

The next two are of my son being a ham ;)

This next one is of my surprise birthday party my hubby threw for me a couple years ago. With my sister holding my hair lol

This next one is not that great quality wise but I love the look on Rayanna and Joshua's faces!  It was from last Halloween.....

The next one is of a board game my daughter made in school  couple weeks ago. I think it's really cool!

The next two are of floral arrangments I have made in my house.

K thats enough pictures for one entry lol sorry if I bored ya to death ;)



stansgirl2004 said...

Those were great. Love the floral arrangments and taht game looks awesome
I'd play LOL hugs, Marina

carolsixpac said...

Beautiful children!