Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am all done!

I am so relieved I finished my shopping last night! My sister in law and I went out yesterday from 10-almost 8. I did have a Chiropractor appt at 2, and my 9 yr old and I had a eye appt last night at 5:30 and 5:45. But once we got to the mall I was told "Oh no you must not have recieved our message, the doc called in sick"

I was actually glad it got rescheduled til the same time tonight. It gave me those few more hours to get my last things on my list. My kids made out like bandits this year. Really everybody did. I have spent so much money it's ridiculous, but hey that is what Christmas is about, giving lol

The only problem was around midnight when my SIL and I were wrapping we ran out of wrapping paper and tape. So off to Walmart we went. Came home, finished wrapping and organized them all near my tree and that's the end of that story!

Almost a week ago I really thought I was close to done and man was I wrong! Now the only thing I left to do is run to the grocery store and get dinner for Christmas Eve night.

There is a good chance that on the 27th we are going to be taking off and going to Nashville, Tennessee to the Grand Ole Opry. I have been there once about 14 years ago at Christmas time and it is beautiful there this time of year. We will be driving and it is a 13 hour drive but will be so much fun.

I am one of those plan trips at the last minute people. When I get a idea I just kinda go with it. I do not think that I have ever planned any trip wether it be to Vegas, Florida, ect more then a week in advance (with the exeption of Joshua's surgeries and appt's at Georgetown).

I have always thought it was fun that way. Gives life a little excitement ;)

On a whole different subject. My neck and back are so screwed that I have been waking up around 5 AM quite often getting sick. It sucks let me tell you! My Chiro wrote a recommendation for Childcare and Housekeeping services. So that I can take it VERY easy for 30-60 days doing nothing. It will be very nice so my body can start to heal but very strange to me because I have "my" ways of running my home. I can see myself after the housekeeper leaves going behind her and redoing what is not up to my standards lol

Well I need to get in the shower and off to yet another Chiro appt at 2. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!

I am not sure why these are so blurry but you can get the idea of the amount of presents I have wrapped lol. Please noone ask my what I got my kids I don't remember it all ;)

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yaya1 said...

wow that is alot of presents but it looks great under and on the side of the beautiful tree.  hope u feel better