Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Got it all done......

I cannot believe after the last couple weeks I have had that I actually just finished all my Christmas cards and they are ready to send! My hand hurts like hell but either way they are done ;)

I sort of cheated this year and made the mailing labels and address labels on the computer. But even that was still time consuming.

I also got my tree put up and house decorated a couple days ago ;) Now I just need to finish shopping. Which I am sure I will be doing up til the last minute lol

I went and bought some new ornaments this year and love the colors together that I chose I think it looks great!

The not so fun part tho was last year we had this great idea to start using a fake tree, because up until then we always had a real tree. Well we bought this one because it is so pretty BUT it had 800 multi-colored lights pre strung into it.

Well this year I did not want multi colored like the ones in it SO my sister in law and I sat on my living room floor for hours and took all 800 of them out of the tree so that now each year I can put whatever color I am using that year. Man my fingers hurt when we were done! Actually they still do.

So lesson of this entry to you all..... Unless you always use the same decorations and color schemes on your Christmas tree do not EVER buy a pre lit tree lol!

I also bought these really really cute stockings that match my family room!

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