Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can I go to bed yet?

This last week has been the week that never ends! I have been Christmas shopping every single day, and then when my kids go to bed I wrap for 2-3 hours! I have been doing this for 5 nights straight! They are all getting so spoiled this year.

Every other year I have always still been out on Christmas Eve Day buying those last minute presents and I swore to myself I would be done a little early this year and I do believe I am going to be done with at least a week to spare! WHEW I am so proud of myself!

I also almost always have wrapped everything at once which I now realize why it was a good idea. I have not been writting down what I have been wrapping and honestly have NO clue what is what and what all I have got lmao..... OOPS!

I know that I have used 65 present labels so far, and still have a little more to get in the next two days.

Here's a good one for you moms out there......

3 days ago I was gone pretty much all day Xmas shopping. I saw my 9 year old in the morning before school. Then again at around 6 when I brought dinner home for them. I asked them all to go into the basement so I could bring a bunch of bags in. Well she had a attitude about that. I said to her you know it must be really rough, I have been out shopping all day to make sure you all get what you want and simply ask you to go downstairs for a tiny bit and you give me a hard time about it? So she went obviously. So then we all eat and I went out again to Target and Best Buy all to come home to a letter on my counter from her that says.... "Mom, Goodnight. I am sad right now because I have not spent any time with you. It sucks! I only saw you twice today."

Ok now granted she should miss me when I am gone, I was thinking shit could you give me any harder of a time for breaking my back to make you all happy? I have been so sick, and in so much pain since my car accident and way over doing it because I do not have a choice you would think I would get nothing but appreciation not shit! lol

Man I was pissed that evening, feeling really unappreciated. I wrote her a letter back and then by the next morning she said sorry and was all better lmao...... KIDS!

Ok ready for this, I wake up this morning to this.......... we had hardly any snow at all when I went to bed......


So Because I did not want that drift to collapse into my garage I took my sore, tired ass outside and used my snow blower at 9 AM and did my driveway. Then drove my son to school and the roads sucked! My 16 yr old was and hour and a half late to school because of her bus! But it didn't stop snowing all day! So my son gets home from school at 4 and falls not once, not twice, but 3 times in our driveway into the bigass drifts of new snow that had fallen. So I go out once again for the second time and do the driveway again. 

I did my good deed for the day tho tonight, a newer neighbor of mine that moved in not to long ago had not shoveled or anything once today and his whole driveway looked like the tall drifts in my driveway. Well he apparently does not own a snow blower so at 8 tonight he was out there shoveling, so I yelled across the street to him "Do you not have a snow blower?" His response... "I sure and the hell would not be out here shoveling if I did!"... DUH I knew that lmao... so I told him to come over and borrow mine. He could not believe it he was so happy it saved him so much time!

Well thats about it for today I am going to try to get 4 and half hours sleep now! Gnite...

Here is one more pic for road ;)



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