Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another random photo entry

I took some pictures tonight of a few of my christmas things. I bought these really cool reindeer candle holders at Pierre One yesterday and all the makings of the candle centerpiece on my coffee table. I know I already have one pic of my tree in an earlier entry, but this is a night one I love it!

Somehow my journal has turned into my life thru pictures lol. I am enjoying using them tho so that's what counts right? :) Now I really am going to bed!


stansgirl2004 said...

I love looking at pictures and don't mind looking at your life through them.
That's a beautiful tree! Hugs, Marina

yaya1 said...

hi i am new to your journal i just finished reading ur whole journal i am kind of weird that way i gotta read from the begining i love the fact that u are so crafty i love it love it.  my boss is bi polar but i havent really seen an episode from him.  i am sorry ur separated sometimes u need space so that u can realize how much u need eachother.  feel free to check out my journal. i love the whole picture thing u got going on oh yeah i love ur tree its beautiful

carolsixpac said...

gorgeous tree and decorations!!!