Saturday, December 24, 2005

Can anyone tell me?

I have noticed recently that people are using other backgrounds on their journals..... I have wanted to do that since the day I started mine. Can someone please tell me how I go about doing this? Thanks in advance if you leave a comment!

Here is a few funny pics ;)

He must REALLY want that puter lol. Or his woman does and she made him do that!

Whatever works lmao

HUH? lmao

This was the cake topper to the guy on the top pic lol

Try having fun at this Park!!!

I have more but I will stop for now........

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am all done!

I am so relieved I finished my shopping last night! My sister in law and I went out yesterday from 10-almost 8. I did have a Chiropractor appt at 2, and my 9 yr old and I had a eye appt last night at 5:30 and 5:45. But once we got to the mall I was told "Oh no you must not have recieved our message, the doc called in sick"

I was actually glad it got rescheduled til the same time tonight. It gave me those few more hours to get my last things on my list. My kids made out like bandits this year. Really everybody did. I have spent so much money it's ridiculous, but hey that is what Christmas is about, giving lol

The only problem was around midnight when my SIL and I were wrapping we ran out of wrapping paper and tape. So off to Walmart we went. Came home, finished wrapping and organized them all near my tree and that's the end of that story!

Almost a week ago I really thought I was close to done and man was I wrong! Now the only thing I left to do is run to the grocery store and get dinner for Christmas Eve night.

There is a good chance that on the 27th we are going to be taking off and going to Nashville, Tennessee to the Grand Ole Opry. I have been there once about 14 years ago at Christmas time and it is beautiful there this time of year. We will be driving and it is a 13 hour drive but will be so much fun.

I am one of those plan trips at the last minute people. When I get a idea I just kinda go with it. I do not think that I have ever planned any trip wether it be to Vegas, Florida, ect more then a week in advance (with the exeption of Joshua's surgeries and appt's at Georgetown).

I have always thought it was fun that way. Gives life a little excitement ;)

On a whole different subject. My neck and back are so screwed that I have been waking up around 5 AM quite often getting sick. It sucks let me tell you! My Chiro wrote a recommendation for Childcare and Housekeeping services. So that I can take it VERY easy for 30-60 days doing nothing. It will be very nice so my body can start to heal but very strange to me because I have "my" ways of running my home. I can see myself after the housekeeper leaves going behind her and redoing what is not up to my standards lol

Well I need to get in the shower and off to yet another Chiro appt at 2. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!

I am not sure why these are so blurry but you can get the idea of the amount of presents I have wrapped lol. Please noone ask my what I got my kids I don't remember it all ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Can I go to bed yet?

This last week has been the week that never ends! I have been Christmas shopping every single day, and then when my kids go to bed I wrap for 2-3 hours! I have been doing this for 5 nights straight! They are all getting so spoiled this year.

Every other year I have always still been out on Christmas Eve Day buying those last minute presents and I swore to myself I would be done a little early this year and I do believe I am going to be done with at least a week to spare! WHEW I am so proud of myself!

I also almost always have wrapped everything at once which I now realize why it was a good idea. I have not been writting down what I have been wrapping and honestly have NO clue what is what and what all I have got lmao..... OOPS!

I know that I have used 65 present labels so far, and still have a little more to get in the next two days.

Here's a good one for you moms out there......

3 days ago I was gone pretty much all day Xmas shopping. I saw my 9 year old in the morning before school. Then again at around 6 when I brought dinner home for them. I asked them all to go into the basement so I could bring a bunch of bags in. Well she had a attitude about that. I said to her you know it must be really rough, I have been out shopping all day to make sure you all get what you want and simply ask you to go downstairs for a tiny bit and you give me a hard time about it? So she went obviously. So then we all eat and I went out again to Target and Best Buy all to come home to a letter on my counter from her that says.... "Mom, Goodnight. I am sad right now because I have not spent any time with you. It sucks! I only saw you twice today."

Ok now granted she should miss me when I am gone, I was thinking shit could you give me any harder of a time for breaking my back to make you all happy? I have been so sick, and in so much pain since my car accident and way over doing it because I do not have a choice you would think I would get nothing but appreciation not shit! lol

Man I was pissed that evening, feeling really unappreciated. I wrote her a letter back and then by the next morning she said sorry and was all better lmao...... KIDS!

Ok ready for this, I wake up this morning to this.......... we had hardly any snow at all when I went to bed......


So Because I did not want that drift to collapse into my garage I took my sore, tired ass outside and used my snow blower at 9 AM and did my driveway. Then drove my son to school and the roads sucked! My 16 yr old was and hour and a half late to school because of her bus! But it didn't stop snowing all day! So my son gets home from school at 4 and falls not once, not twice, but 3 times in our driveway into the bigass drifts of new snow that had fallen. So I go out once again for the second time and do the driveway again. 

I did my good deed for the day tho tonight, a newer neighbor of mine that moved in not to long ago had not shoveled or anything once today and his whole driveway looked like the tall drifts in my driveway. Well he apparently does not own a snow blower so at 8 tonight he was out there shoveling, so I yelled across the street to him "Do you not have a snow blower?" His response... "I sure and the hell would not be out here shoveling if I did!"... DUH I knew that lmao... so I told him to come over and borrow mine. He could not believe it he was so happy it saved him so much time!

Well thats about it for today I am going to try to get 4 and half hours sleep now! Gnite...

Here is one more pic for road ;)



Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another random photo entry

I took some pictures tonight of a few of my christmas things. I bought these really cool reindeer candle holders at Pierre One yesterday and all the makings of the candle centerpiece on my coffee table. I know I already have one pic of my tree in an earlier entry, but this is a night one I love it!

Somehow my journal has turned into my life thru pictures lol. I am enjoying using them tho so that's what counts right? :) Now I really am going to bed!

Cool book I bought.....

I bought this cool book called "The Complete Guide to Natural Healing" they send me packets every couple weeks til the book is full and man it is cool! There is all kinds of interesting stuff in it so I figured I would share some home remedies in the book in my journal ;)


For Bladder and Kidneys....

Basil tea can soothe an irratated and inflamed bladder or kidneys. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tsp. each of fresh basil and birch leaves; let it steep for about 10 minutes. Drink 1 cup 3 times a day between meals until the symptoms disappear.


Some interesting things you can use honey for.....

Honey helps restore energy, has a general calming effect and helps to dissolve mucus. Applied externally to the the skin, it disinfects and heals minor wounds.

Relaxing honey bath....

Put 2 oz. of honey in a glass with 5 drops of lavender oil. If the honey is too thick, heat it by placing the glass in warm water. Add 1 or 2 tbsp. of the honey-lavender mixture to your bathwater to help you relax and combat insomnia.

Honey as a dressing for wounds.....

Applied externally, honey is useful for healing minor cuts, and abrasions by drawing excess water from the tissues and reducing swelling. In addition, honey contains a germ-killing substance called inhibine, which helps prevent infections. Spread the honey directly on the wound and cover with a sterile bandage.

Help for Hay Fever.....

Honey contains grains of pollen that, over time, may have a desensitizing effect, making it useful for the relief of allergies. Hay fever sufferers are advised to eat honey that has been harvested locally.

For relief of asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments......

Honey is an outstanding household remedy that can be used in combination with various medicinal herbs. For relief of coughs and wheezing associated with bronchitis, whooping cough or other minor respiratory ailments, mix 1 tsp of finely chopped fresh thyme in a little honey. Take the mixture orally as needed to soothe inflammed lungs and aiways.

Use of Olive Oil.....

Olive oil can help build strong fingernails and soften cuticles. Before bed, soak your nails in a mixture of lukewarm olive oil and lemon juice. Put on soft cloth gloves and let the oil penetrate overnight. Your nails will gradually become more resistant to breaking and chipping.

Extra Tip...

Apply olive oil daily to dry spots or stretch marks.


Last one for this entry ;)

Uses for Potatoes ;)

A potato wrap for pain relief....

The potato wrap has a long history as a folk remedy for all types of muscle and bone pain. Potatoes retain heat for long periods of time, allowing the warmth to penetrate deep into the tissues. To make the wrap, boil 1 lb. of potatoes in their skins until tender. Place them in a linen sack and mash them. Apply the sack to the affected area, placing a towel underneath the sack if it's too hot. Attach the sack tightly to your body with a woolen blanket. Remove the sack only after it has cooled down completely.

Raw Potatoes for Inflammation......

The cooling effect of raw potato slices bring fast relief from swelling (and itching) caused by contact dermititis and insect bites. The slices are also effective for bruises as well as sties that occur on the eyelids. Peel and slice a potato and apply a slice to the affected skin until the potato warms up. Repeat as neccessary.

Potato Juice for Heartburn.......

Potato juice helps reduce stomach acid and heal gastrointestinal inflammation because it contains compounds that coat the lining of the stomach. Use a juicer to extract the juice from 1-2 large potatoes (with the skins). Take a 3-4 tbsp. of the juice half an hour before meals. If you do not like the taste of potato juice when taken straight, mix it with another vegetable juice (such as carrot or beet) or add it to soup.


K that's enough for one entry! I hope I didn't bore you to death lol. But if you found that interesting please let me know I will add a few a couple times a week. I am off to bed I am so sleepy!!! Gnite  

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

So serious but oh so cute!!

This is my baby with his sister. Damn is he fine!! ;)

Update on my broken heart

As of today we are still seperated, but plan on working towards getting back together. We are miserable apart, yet making each other miserable being together if that makes any sense.

I love him so much and cannot imagine not loving him for the rest of our lives. But everything in life takes work.

He came home two days ago and spent the night because he is staying 4 hours away up North at his best friends house. And they had to come down Sunday night.

We talked, and spent some good quality time together. But when the morning came the next day it was hard as hell to let him leave again. Nor did he want to go.

But we talked about it and decided it would be best to find the answers we need to find before he moves back home. Find the answers we need to make it better before letting our hearts get the best of us.

So right now I am doing ok. I have some pretty serious medical issues going on right now and have been so busy with appt's and trying to get thru each day that I have not had much time to lay in bed and cry even if I wanted too! But that is a good thing because I need to keep moving.

I have faith in what we share, I have faith in our love, and I have faith in him that changes can and will be made. It is just going to compromise and time!

Random photo entry

I have been trying to get my pictures organized on my computer and have came across some that I really like so I figured I would put them in my journal for all to see lol

This one is of my daughters a couple years ago they just look so cute!

The next two are of my son being a ham ;)

This next one is of my surprise birthday party my hubby threw for me a couple years ago. With my sister holding my hair lol

This next one is not that great quality wise but I love the look on Rayanna and Joshua's faces!  It was from last Halloween.....

The next one is of a board game my daughter made in school  couple weeks ago. I think it's really cool!

The next two are of floral arrangments I have made in my house.

K thats enough pictures for one entry lol sorry if I bored ya to death ;)


Got it all done......

I cannot believe after the last couple weeks I have had that I actually just finished all my Christmas cards and they are ready to send! My hand hurts like hell but either way they are done ;)

I sort of cheated this year and made the mailing labels and address labels on the computer. But even that was still time consuming.

I also got my tree put up and house decorated a couple days ago ;) Now I just need to finish shopping. Which I am sure I will be doing up til the last minute lol

I went and bought some new ornaments this year and love the colors together that I chose I think it looks great!

The not so fun part tho was last year we had this great idea to start using a fake tree, because up until then we always had a real tree. Well we bought this one because it is so pretty BUT it had 800 multi-colored lights pre strung into it.

Well this year I did not want multi colored like the ones in it SO my sister in law and I sat on my living room floor for hours and took all 800 of them out of the tree so that now each year I can put whatever color I am using that year. Man my fingers hurt when we were done! Actually they still do.

So lesson of this entry to you all..... Unless you always use the same decorations and color schemes on your Christmas tree do not EVER buy a pre lit tree lol!

I also bought these really really cute stockings that match my family room!