Saturday, November 26, 2005

My IOU's

I was reading Marina's entry about great gift ideas and she had the idea of IOU's done however you would like. With some great ideas how to make them look nice. I have been doing this for a long time with my hunny. I think I told her it was for our Anniversary and I was wrong. It was for his Birthday this year.

He had been up North for almost two weeks working and we met in Duluth the day before his birthday and stayed in Canal Park (for those who do not know this is right on Lake Superior, and there is a draw bridge for all the ships that come and go there) We walked down there quite a few times once even at 2AM to watch 2 enormous ships come thru.

There is a ton of shops and resaurants, and an aquarium, and Imax, and horse carriage rides you can take depending on how much you want to spend. The 2nd one we went on we got this horse named Max and he was beautiful and we loved him! We took an hour ride along Superior that night.

Well then the next night we had a few drinks at dinner and were walking back to our hotel when we saw him sitting there again so we went on an 1 and a half ride that time. It was so relaxing!

We stayed for 3 days and had a great time. But then we had to come home back to reality lol..........

I also bought this really cute hoodie with a zipper and I LOVE it, I now wish I would have bought more different colors. I told hubby we will have to go back for a weekend so I can go to this little shop again ;)

Well I decided to make him a "Love" book that really ended up costing me a lot more then I thought it would. And took about 10 hours total to complete but it was so worth it! He loved it! It is one of those priceless presents only your heart could make. There was lots of sweet nothings, quotes, letters, funny things, ect.

Well two of the pages just happened to be IOU's so I thought I would show Marina.  I used my imagination on mine so they are not as clean as hers suggest lol. I hope they are appropiate to put on my journal lol So here they are ;)

There is velcro on the pages and on the back of each IOU ;)

There were a total of 40 some pages in all. At the end of it I added happy birthdays from all our kids ;)

More funny pages.....


Hopefully I did not offend anyone! :) I do not think that many people read my journal yet lol. Either way tho this is who I am and love to share photos of my life on this journal.

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stansgirl2004 said...

OMG That is great You have given me a wonderful idea
I think I will make one of these fro my hubby
Bet your hubby wished there were more of those
black tag coupons LOL Hugs & LOve, Marina