Saturday, November 26, 2005

just in time laptop froze.... part two

Do you ever have days you feel just like that picture? I do! Almost everyday! I forget to take care of myself alot of the time. 4 nights ago I was taken by ambulance to the hospital at 2:30 in the morning. I felt like I was having a heart attack. My blood presssure was sky high and my potassium and sodium levels were very low. I was there for about 14 hours and was used as a pin cushion the whole time!

In my eyes that was my body warning me to start taking care of myself a little better. Slow down a little bit. I am the queen of multi-tasking and doing a whole lot of things in a short period of time that would leave others saying "How does she do that in 4 hours? It would take me 2 days".

I have a funny one tho to share. I have about 40 pounds extra on me that I really wish would go away so with that in mind here is how this conversation with the admitting ER Doc went.....

Him....."Your name"


and we go thru the normal list of questions birthday, ect,

Him...."Do you smoke?"


Him......"Do you use crack or cocaine?"

Me.....I crack up and start laughing out loud and say to him

"Do I look like I use crack? Got a little extra padding on me to be a crackhead!" lol

Him after my response..... no smirk, or anything no kind of sense of humor lmao


If you liked that one heres another good one.

I got into a car accident two Fridays ago on the 11th. A dipstick ran straight threw a red light going 50 and hit me. I was very shaken up and didn't think I was hurt, but an hour later after my truck got towed and I got home and showered I realized I really didn't feel so good at all. My sister in Law came down to my house and brought (made me) me to Urgent Care. I was lucky it could have turned out way worse! And my kids were not with me thank goodness. I went tanning to have some "me" time for 30 minutes. Then stopped at Kohls on the way home for nothing special just felt like buying something. Well I was totally relaxed and 30 minutes later my trucks being towed. GRRRR hate it when that happens!

So by the time we got to Urgent Care I was pretty sore, and my ribs really hurt. Nothing was broken I was just banged up and had some bruised ribs. So here is the goodie I was talking about ;)

....... He is doing the reflex tests, ect..... and I was pretty tired and out of it. It was after midnight by this time. The accident happened at 8:30.

Doc....."Follow my finger" So I was told after the fact

Me...."You want me to pull your finger??"

I realized immediately what I had said and my SIL looked up and we both started cracking up.

Then the poor doc turns bright red and starts laughing his ass off too!  It took us all a bit to regain composure lol

So as I was leaving he looks around the corner and says....

"thanks for the laugh Robyn, I will not forget that one for awhile!"


Now that I am started here is just a few cute things my daughter has said to me over the years that stick out in my head.

"Mommy where were you when your bladder broke all over that chair with me?"   Referring to me going into labor lol

"Do you want anymore babies mommy?" "Or do you have your tubes twisted so you can't?" lol


Thats enough of the stories lol.

On top of the accident and heart attack scare my hubby and I are really struggling right now. Once I am more comfortable with this journal and meet some people I may talk about it a little more. But my life has so much history to go with every incident that I cannot comment on one thing without explaining so it makes it hard. I just will say that we have been together 8 years and life has taken it's toll on us as a couple. I love this man with every inch of my heart. But when you start hurting each other more then you do love each other and support each other.   It may be time to let go.

Well I am off to sleep now I am so tired! Gnite

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stansgirl2004 said...

Oh my goodness you've been through a lot this month
That pull my finger story had me laughing too.
Take care of yourself woman, slow down before you
kill yourself. Oh and about the hubby wait it out sometimes
I want to strangle mine but we are too much in love to throw it
away over arguments. Major ones being so cliche about money
you know? ugh, anyway have a great weekend prop your feet up
and watch a movie. Hugs, Marina