Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nothing much at all lol

I have nothing real important to talk about right now. I just got done eating some Arby's and am going to relax for a couple minutes then we all have to go outside and do the dreaded yardwork!

I swear the next house I move into (which is going to be the last one!) is going to have the simplest landscaping possible! The woman who owned my current home was an older lady who was a member of a garden association and she had so many different types of plants and trees in my yard looking so beautiful when I moved in 3 years ago.

Well let me tell you I have NO kind of green thumb and each spring and fall and summer, ok well all year long I get overwhelmed on the upkeep to keep it looking nice. It's kind of funny each year I have noticed more and more plants and shrubs being removed, because for me simpler is better lol

So when the leaves start falling in fall I LOVE all the beautiful colors in my yard but once they have all fallen I do not like the yardwork! My neighbor kitty corner to me on the left has a ALL ROCK backyard. When I first moved here I always thought that was so funny, but I am really starting to understand why lol. It would never be an option for me but I definately see why they did that ;)

Well off to rake, and bag, and mow, and blow, and put away yard ornaments for the year..........


P.S I was just rereading some of my earlier entries and realized I made almost the exact same one months ago about my yard upkeep lol. Sorry if it seems like a repeated entry ;)

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