Friday, October 21, 2005

More pics

My hubby and I are putting a park model trailer up in Northern Minnesota on Lawrence Lake. We are lucky enough that my cousin who has a ton of property up there is giving us a nice size chunk of land on one of his properties. I decided on this model because there is a loft in it that will accomadate my kids great. I get excited thinking about it ;)

We will be building a wrap around deck on it, and turn into a home away from home!

My hubby spends quite a bit of time up there working so this is the perect solution for myself and the kids to be able to spend more time up there with him!

Joshua needs his own space, and comfortableness, and the feeling of safety to be happy and in his element so to speak. So when we go up there now to stay at my cousins house he is out of his element and not happy. Once we make this into our little home, and has his familar things there that are always there and he gets used to it he will be much happier ;)

I LOVE living in the cities, but I also love being able to get away! I never knew how reasonably priced these trailers were. Really over time it will be alot cheaper then renting RV's or staying in hotels. And the best part...... Its ours, and it will show us in it! I cannot wait to decorate it! I cannot wait to make it warm and cozy! I am so psyched!!! Ok enough of that! I will definately post pics once its all done. It will be awhile but thats ok.


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