Sunday, October 23, 2005

Renaissance Festival

This is one of Ray when we got home.....

I love this background for pictures there! Isn't she cute?

A close up of her braided hair. It looked SO cute!

It was so funny! We were standing in line for her to ride this camel and while we were waiting the man in front of us was holding a cup of coffee and the camel bent over and knocked it all over him. The guy was kinda pissed but I sure thought it was funny! I know not nice... but what can I say ;)

My sister in law and I took Rayanna here a few weeks ago. I have not wrote an entry for so long that I am going to be writting about different things over the last couple months each day also to share with you.

I have so many pictures saved to share but think a few people may get upset with me if I added to many each entry.

Today a good friend of ours is bringing his baby over and they will be spending the night. Her name is Ava she is only a few weeks old and cute as a button! I love seeing babies, makes me think about having another when I hold one. BUT then I get slapped back into reality and remember all the reasons I am done having babies lol

Well I am off to clean my house.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Well it's starting to look a little better ;)

A few hours and it looks way better. I took some pics of the kids playing in the leaves. It makes me smile to see them out there. Makes me wish I were a kid again. Awwww the good ole days ;) Heres a pic before........

And heres a little later.....

Heres Amanda and Tyler playing ;)

I wanted to put another picture to show you the pretty colors I was talking about, Almost all my trees in my yard have dropped there leaves, but then there is this one........

Nothing much at all lol

I have nothing real important to talk about right now. I just got done eating some Arby's and am going to relax for a couple minutes then we all have to go outside and do the dreaded yardwork!

I swear the next house I move into (which is going to be the last one!) is going to have the simplest landscaping possible! The woman who owned my current home was an older lady who was a member of a garden association and she had so many different types of plants and trees in my yard looking so beautiful when I moved in 3 years ago.

Well let me tell you I have NO kind of green thumb and each spring and fall and summer, ok well all year long I get overwhelmed on the upkeep to keep it looking nice. It's kind of funny each year I have noticed more and more plants and shrubs being removed, because for me simpler is better lol

So when the leaves start falling in fall I LOVE all the beautiful colors in my yard but once they have all fallen I do not like the yardwork! My neighbor kitty corner to me on the left has a ALL ROCK backyard. When I first moved here I always thought that was so funny, but I am really starting to understand why lol. It would never be an option for me but I definately see why they did that ;)

Well off to rake, and bag, and mow, and blow, and put away yard ornaments for the year..........


P.S I was just rereading some of my earlier entries and realized I made almost the exact same one months ago about my yard upkeep lol. Sorry if it seems like a repeated entry ;)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Josh turned 7......


Josh's Birthday was on the 19th and out of all the presents he got which included a Batman DVD player his very very favorite was this batman. He saw it and that was all he cared about lol. I cannot believe he is 7 now! In some ways it feels it has been 20 years, but other ways it feels like he is about 3. Either way he is getting so big and I am so proud of him! He is doing so much more then we were told he would ever do. He's so cool to watch grow!

More pics

My hubby and I are putting a park model trailer up in Northern Minnesota on Lawrence Lake. We are lucky enough that my cousin who has a ton of property up there is giving us a nice size chunk of land on one of his properties. I decided on this model because there is a loft in it that will accomadate my kids great. I get excited thinking about it ;)

We will be building a wrap around deck on it, and turn into a home away from home!

My hubby spends quite a bit of time up there working so this is the perect solution for myself and the kids to be able to spend more time up there with him!

Joshua needs his own space, and comfortableness, and the feeling of safety to be happy and in his element so to speak. So when we go up there now to stay at my cousins house he is out of his element and not happy. Once we make this into our little home, and has his familar things there that are always there and he gets used to it he will be much happier ;)

I LOVE living in the cities, but I also love being able to get away! I never knew how reasonably priced these trailers were. Really over time it will be alot cheaper then renting RV's or staying in hotels. And the best part...... Its ours, and it will show us in it! I cannot wait to decorate it! I cannot wait to make it warm and cozy! I am so psyched!!! Ok enough of that! I will definately post pics once its all done. It will be awhile but thats ok.


It's been awhile......

I started writting in this journal quite a while back. I was so excited to be doing it! Then the end of summer got so busy I did not keep up with it.

It's original intention was also going to be dedicated to my sons condition, I have changed my mind about that also. I plan to tell the rest of the story in due time.

I am going to use this as my opportunity to let it all out ;) Somedays I am so frustrated, other days I am excited, other days I have stories that will have you cracking up because my kids do some of the funniest things sometimes!

I have been a silent reader for so long now, and have about 10 alerts I get and read. I always make sure to read all the alerts when time allows, but never seem to leave a comment. I think I will make a note to self from now on to leave a comment each time I read!

Well on to other things......

It is getting SOOO cold outside! I lit a fire last night and kept it going all night. That I do love about winter, the fires, the music playing, sitting in my chair with a warm blanket over my lap. Living in Minnesota I sorta have a love/hate relationship with this state. I have my lists of loves, and then at the same time with each of those loves there is usually a dislike also lol

I need to close for now and go run some errands. I also want to switch computers so I can add some pictures later. Have a great Saturday!