Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sorry I havent added more to my story yet. As usual life can get a little hectic. My grandmother has been in the hospital, but got to go home yesterday which was a huge relief! My children have all been sick. I sure wish summer would come and stay. It has been so cold lately. One day you need your heat on then the next it'ts so flippen humid you need the air on. Mother Nature must have pms this week lol. I cannot wait for summer to get here tho, I wanna go camping and fishing. We bought some fish from the grocery store the other day and fried it and it sure was great. But nothing like fresh caught cleaned fish! I get so wrapped up reading other peoples journals when I sign on that I forget to leave time to add to my own. I will try harder to update more frequently. I also plan on finishing the story about my son and adding lots of pics of different hospital stays and surgeries. I think I will end this for now and go upstairs and start getting some of the pics scanned onto my puter. I will be back later to add more to my story ;) Bye for now. Robyn

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