Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My weekend

I went up north to my grandmothers this weekend. It was great spending the day with her. She is home from the hospital which makes me very happy, but she is still very weak and having a hard time sleeping. Her heart is failing and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. I felt sad when I left her house to head back down to the cities because when she passes I am sure going to miss her! She is the most awesome, loving woman you could ever meet. She has lived a long christian life and she is ready to go whenever god feels it is her time. So for the time being I will be going up to spend as much time possible with her as I can. While I was there I went to the cemetary my grandpa and my son are buried at and put that wreath I made there. I took some pics to add for you all to see. I spent so much time up North growing up but now whenever I go back it is so strange to me that it almost seems time stands still there. Everything looks the same as it did 20 years ago. It is so quiet and simple up there. I have to ask myself "Could I live way up in the country?" Parts of me would love it, but I am a city girl and used to living where I do not have to drive 40 miles to find a target or hardware store. lol....... Bill and I have been talking for about 2 years now about moving to Arizona next spring and obviously 2 years later we are still "talking" about it ;) I have lived in MN all my life and am real used to 4 seasons and its a repeated cycle every season. Can't wait for summer because it's SO cold in the winter, but then when summer does get here after a week or two of 90-100 degree days and so much humidity then I'm ready for cold again. And it continues like this all year lol! But I think I have came to conclusion I would much rather live in heat then any cold. I really do not like the snow and all that comes with it anymore. I used to love it. I guess times change ;) It is finally in the 70's again here I have had all my windows open today. I also cleaned all my windows well all on my main level of my house. Its funny how you really learn the do and don'ts of a house the older you get. You really learn what you like and do not like and what kind of yard you like and what kind of trees you like, ect. The woman who owned my house before we moved in was an older lady who was in some garden club. So upon moving in the first spring here I watched ALL these different kinds of shrubs and flowers bloom ALL over my yard near my house, and away from my house. And I tried so hard to maintain them all. But I have no kind of green thumb whatsoever so now 3 springs later I think I succeeded in killing most of the pretty stuff that grew 3 years ago. So now we have begun pulling it all up and trading the shrubs and flowers for some nice rock and brick lol The back of the house was completed last week now we need to tackle the front of the house. I wonder if there is a program called yard upkeep for dummies? Even that may not help me lol........ I am going to add the pics of my sons grave in a little while my puter is running really slow and will not upload the pics right now. Adios

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